Q:   Why should I consider using Motivating People rather than an in-house resource?

A:    Business needs are constantly changing and if you don’t have just the right person with the right expertise for the job or if you do but they don’t have the time to dedicate to the task Motivating People can provide a senior strategic tactician to step in and meet your specific needs for a nominated period of time.

Q:   How do you charge for your services?

A:    Each project and request for our assistance is costed on an individual basis as everyone’s needs are unique. Our fee structure is very transparent and will be discussed with the client at the time that we present our proposal.  Prices obtained from outside suppliers are charged net of any commission or mark-up unless we have provided extra services or added value.  Disbursements are agreed in advance and, where appropriate, charged separately.

Q:   Will I just be working with just one member of the Motivating People team?

A:    No, there are always a minimum of two members of the Motivating People team who are fully aware of your requirements and the current progress of a project.  In addition, our clients have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of all the Motivating People partners. Constant communication means we are up do date with each other’s activities as well as sharing ideas and solutions.

Q:   Can Motivating People help me stay up to date with industry trends?

A:    The Motivating People consultants and associates are at the forefront of their areas of expertise. By supplying us with your contact details we look forward to staying in touch with tips and relevant links. We would hope to get to know you and your organisation better and be able to suggest short or longer term strategies for you depending upon your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Are incentive programmes really ‘revenue neutral’?

A:    If Motivating People is provided with accurate data when designing your incentive or loyalty programme and there are no deviations from the agreed rules the total cost including the management of the programme and the cost of the rewards will be covered by the incremental increase in revenue derived from it, if indeed this is what the programme was designed to achieve.

Q:   Can we incorporate elements of your other services within the scope of an incentive programme, conference or event?

A:    Most certainly.  Your Motivating People consultant or associate will be able to outline how we do this and the best way of achieving precisely what you want.

Q:   I organise our company meetings in addition to my normal job, how can Motivating People help in this case?

A:    Most in-house organisers are not specialists and are given this responsibility in addition to their every-day work-load.  Time and relevant knowledge are the biggest problems here and Motivating People will be pleased come in at any stage to alleviate the pressure and make you look good.

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