Strategic and tactical marketing – planning, implementation, analysis/audit

While everyone recognises the need to market their businesses these days, too few make the effort to thoroughly put together a marketing plan with both short and long term goals.  There is also the need to differentiate between the more tactical marketing activities which relates to the medium in which your message is delivered, and strategic marketing which relates to the content of your message.

Too often, even if a marketing  plan is put together, there is no-one in the organisation with the responsibility to ensure that the implementation goes ahead with the desired results.

Motivating People can provide a solution, working closely with the organisation throughout the life-cycle of a marketing plan. This includes a review of any existing strategy to ascertain how it fits into the overall objectives and goals.

Successful marketing never stands still – it is vitally important that the plan is regularly reviewed, benchmarked, analysed and refreshed. Motivating People provides an objective, highly professional and results-orientated consultancy to deliver results throughout the life-cycle of the marketing plan.


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