Corporate Meetings, Conferences and Special Events

Your event directly reflects the quality, culture and reputation of your organisation and has to meet expectations and achieve the objectives set.  An event no matter how large or small should be an integral part of your marketing and business strategy. There is only one opportunity to get it right and that’s why you need to be confident your event is in the right hands.

We partner with you strategically throughout the research, consultancy and implementation process, to incorporate your in-depth company knowledge with our industry expertise. This creates impact far beyond any single event.

After years of viewing meetings and events as separate, one-off projects, companies are rethinking the dramatic impact they can have when events are viewed as a portfolio of opportunities to motivate, educate or reward employees and customers.

Motivating People will maximise your impact and budget through a range of event solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We have the expertise to manage your whole event or to work with you on selected elements of the event.

Event Production

Experience is the deciding factor when you’ve only got one chance to get it right.  Motivating People ensures that your presentation is flawless in every respect, from invitations to the finished production.  Theming, lighting, decoration, audio-visual requirements are all taken care of by skilled and experienced personnel who care about each and every detail.

Our designers will provide fresh and innovative ideas to meet your budget and will guarantee the impact you require.  We will convey precisely the message you want to deliver to your clients and we’ll do it with pinpoint timing and accuracy using the very latest technical expertise. We understand the importance of branding and brand integrity and will provide you with a single point of contact to ensure there’s no chance of miscommunication.

Whether your requirements are for a single event, perhaps a luncheon or dinner, or a conference stretching over several days and venues, our designers and technicians will deliver on time, every time.